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Solo Swims

Rottnest Channel Team Swims

2003 - Tess Evans, Paul Varadi,
          Anthea Warnes & Sarah

          (S: Peter Henson & P: Margo Sundintas )

2004 - Jenny Crake, Steve Crake,

            Ken Phillips & Sue Lindsay
          (P: Mike Crake )

            Tess Evans, Max Henson,
           Ross Henson
& Dave Kay

            (S: Peter Henson )

2005 - Jan Boddy, Liz Marland,

            Adam James & Rebecca Ashby

2006 - Erica Thomas, Daka Groves &
           Sharon Sheperd

2010 - Erica Thomas, Ted Thompson &

            Pete Elwell


2011 - Barbara Pellick, Linda Spencer &

            Kerrie Williamson

            (S: Greg Gauci & P: Clive Choate)

2013 - John Cahill, Erica Thomas,
 Ted Thompson & Pete Elwell

2017 - Debra Brown, George Mills,
            Sue McDonald & Ken Isbister

            (S: John Passmore &
            P: Narelle Gillmore/David Kennedy)

2019 - Joel Lewis, Ray Reynolds, Paul Jacklin &
            (S: ?? & P: ?? )

            Ken Isbister, Cathy Isbister, Paul Turner, &

            Mari Turner

            (S: Geoff Turner & S: Tim)

2020 - Glenda Hurtado, Wayne Hurtado & Stephen                  Ferguson
            (S: Gary Bowden  P: Nick Zaknic & Neil                           Ferguson)

2021 - 

2022 - 

2023 - Belman Team

          Colleen Wray, Karen Sims, Daniel Aitken

             & Rachel Oliver

          (S: Dave Naylor/Ken  P: Melissa Pilkington)

          PINK or Swim

          Erica Thomas, Annie Beste, Lyle Kildea

            & Nicolee Martin

          Water We Doing

          Jane Dumville, Jenna Hurrey,

            Peter Bouteloup & Wendy Belford

1992 - Barb Pellick, Ron Edwards,
           Joanne Hall & Robin Philp


1996 - Ray Reynolds, Gordon Gillam,
           Jan Magowan & Ann O'Mara

           (S: Mick Cunningham &  P: Janice Schebliner )


1997 - Ray Reynolds, Gordon Gillam,
           Jan Magowan & Paddy Magowan

           (S: Mick Cunningham & P: Janice Schebliner )


1998 - Ray Reynolds, Gordon Gillam,
           Jan Magowan & Paddy Magowan

           (S: Mick Cunningham & P: Nicole Badini )


           Jenny Crake, Liz Burn,
           Patti Rock & Carol Mackin


1999 - Ken Phillips, Andrew Bennett,
           Roy Ketijen & Dallas Newcombe


2000 - Ray Reynolds, Len Campbell,
           Jan Magowan & Glen Sareson

           Steven Crake, Ian Walsh,

           Rob Houwen & Peter Rock


2001 - Debra Bloor, Gerry Green,
            Shelly Lane & Ken Phillips
           (S:Ray Wilson & P:Ralph Briggs )


           Tess Evans, Graeme Collopy,
            Marilyn Terry
& Anthea Warnes
  (P: Suen Yek )

           Ray Reynolds, Nicole Badini,
           Fettes Falconer & Enzo Lanciano

           (S: Bert )


For each crossing attempted by a past or present Mandurah member, the names of the swimmers, skippers and paddlers (where known) are listed above. The list is intended to acknowledge the achievements of past and present Mandurah members as well as others who swam, paddled and skippered on the day, without whom they could not have participated.  The names of non-Mandurah members are shown in italics. The names of the boat Skipper and Paddler(s) is shown in brackets and prefixed with a S or P, respectively. If any of the above information is incorrect or incomplete please email with the correct information.

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