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Information for New Members

Why join Mandurah Mannas?

Swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise. It improves lung capacity, blood pressure, and relaxation after work pressures, muscle tone, posture, and general physical appearance.


Experience has shown that few people have enough motivation to exercise regularly by themselves. Joining Mandurah Mannas motivates by being part of a club where people can swim and encourage one another. It also provides a place where people can meet and talk.


If you are baulking at joining because you think you are not a good enough swimmer, please read Linda's story - click here or Paul's story about his 15-month journey from just being able to swim 100m to completing the Busselton Half Ironman swim - click here.



Our home base is the Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre, 303 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah.


We also swim at Doddi's Beach on Halls Head Parade, Halls Head. Members meet for a swim throughout the year - then it's coffee and a chat afterwards.


Once you join, you are welcome to train with other Masters Clubs if you wish. This is a convenient way of fitting in training sessions when out of town, suit time constraints, and make new friends.


Session Times

Our pool session times are:

  • Tuesday  10:30am to 11:45pm 

  • Thursday 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Our Doddi's beach swims are at 8:00am - 9:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.  

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee covering 1 January to 31 December is $145.00 falling due on 1st January each year.


If you join after 1st June, the 7-month membership fee covering 1 June to 31 December is $75.00.

If you join after 1st September, the 16-month membership fee covering 1 September to 31 December the following year is $140.00.


 You can join on-line by clicking on the 
"JOIN NOW" button above.


Alternatively, you might like to come along to a few training sessions to familiarise yourself with our Club. If so, please Click Here to print out a form to fill out with a few details for your safety and insurance. Please bring the completed form along with you.

Pool Admission Costs

Pool admission is quite low compared to other venues and varies according to which plan you choose or if you pay the casual rate on entry.

Do you want to:


Look Better

Feel Better

Be more relaxed?



"Mandurah Mannas"

is for you!

Pool Session Guidelines

Swimmers train in a lane with others of similar ability.


We have on-deck Coaches each Tuesday and Thursday. The programs are designed to coincide with our Interclub and Open Water Swim seasons. The Coach also supports members with stroke correction where necessary or to have your stroke analysed in more detail, and you can book your own free Video Analysis Session. Even if you do not enter competitions, this variation in workouts becomes important in developing your overall fitness and adds interest to the sessions.

Lane Etiquette

Please show courtesy to your fellow swimmers at all times, for example:


  • If the swimmer behind is touching your feet, let them pass at the next turn.

  • Allow sufficient space between swimmers at the end of the pool so that incoming swimmers may touch the wall or turn without losing their momentum.

  • If the swimming standard in your lane is not suited to you, move to one that is.

Social Activity

Mandurah Mannas is a Club with a reputation for friendliness and fun. Throughout the year, we have a number of social gatherings that are great fun for both swimmers and their partners.

One of the most popular aspects of swimming is having a chat over coffee after swimming. So much so, some members omit the swim and only come for coffee.


What better way to meet other members and make new friends?

Swim Meets

As a Masters Swimming Club, we also provide the opportunity to compete in interclub competitions. Ostensibly, these are time trials where you are seeded into heats according to your nominated times. Events are conducted for all strokes, including individual medleys. There are also relay events where you swim in a team with other club members.


Several Swim Meets are held each year: some are "Club Challenges" and others are run by Masters WA with swimmers from all Clubs in the State competing against each other or themselves. As with training sessions, you swim with others of similar ability to yourself. The emphasis is on participation, irrespective of ability. Many do not compete, whereas all members are encouraged to take part because of the camaraderie. In addition, swimming against your own previous times is a great measure of fitness and goal setting. What's the point of training if you do not have a goal?


Times are recorded for each swimmer and collated into age groups with points allocated towards both Club and individual points competitions. A swimmer only has to finish the event to gain a point in each competition.


For those who enjoy distance swimming, many Open Water Swims are held during the summer months.


Personal Challenge

Perhaps swimming against other people is not for you. There are other ways to measure your fitness and see your times improve. The Endurance 1000 swim program is where you do a time trial on your own, usually over long distances.  These can be done on Sunday mornings.



  • Swimming exercises every part of your body;

  • Aim to swim three times a week;

  • Stop when you need to. Control your effort this way neither stress nor strain is experienced;

  • After a break from swimming go back to a much lower level of effort when you restart; and

  • Have a medical check-up before starting any form of exercise program.

New Member Stories

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