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Solo Swims

Rottnest Channel Duo Swims

2000 - Jan & Bob Dunstan

           (S: Phil & Ben Dunstan & P: Sandra Swain )

2003 - Jan Dunstan & Natalie Kirby

           (S: Noel Kirby & P: Roland Walker )

2004 - Ray Reynolds & Gordon Gillam

           (S: Steve Erceg &

            P: Adam Reynolds, Glen & David )


2009 - Hayden Brimson & Ethan Norris
            Erica Thomas & Ted Thompson


2010 - Heather Adams & Jeannette Rein

2016 - Wayne Cable & Ray Reynolds

           (P: Ken Isbister/Deb Brown)

2017 - Glenda Hurtado & Hazel Cockram

           (S: Harry Cockram

            P: Steve Crake & Joel Parson)

           Wendy Kennedy & Jennifer Rollin-Busby

           (P: Tanya Thaw)

2018 - Sue Johnston  & Guy Boyce*

           (S: ??  P: John Reaburn)

           Stephen Ferguson & Joel Lewis*

           (S: Sam  Cain) & P: Nick Zaknic & Daniel Lewis

2019 - Erica Thomas  & Stephen Ferguson

           (S: Craig Sanford  P: John Cahill &
            Nick Zacknic)

2020 - Jane Thomas  & Jack Knobben

           (S: Rick Clarke  P: Syd Vladich & Harrison                        Clark)



2023 - Wicked Sisters:

             Barbara Pellick & Sue Johnston



For each successful or attempted crossing by past or present Mandurah members, the names of the swimmers, skippers and paddlers (where known) are listed above. The list is intended to acknowledge the achievements of past and present Mandurah members as well as others who swam, paddled and skippered on the day, without whom they could not have participated.  The names of non-Mandurah members are shown in italics. The names of the boat Skipper and Paddler(s) is shown in brackets and prefixed with a S or P, respectively. If any of the above information is incorrect or incomplete please email with the correct information.

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