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XVIII Australian Masters Games 2022

First a big salute to Des, Sue Mc and Jan Boddy. They put in a tremendous effort to be there from start to finish. Des as a Chief Official, Sue was the main marshal and did a great job herding the old cats, and Jan was in charge of dishing out all of the medals immediately after each event finished.

Three Manna's competed over the three days. Gerda Williams entered 7 events and won seven gold. Paulin Wingate entered 8 events and won 5 gold and 3 silver. Kirk Bamford entered 9 events with 5 gold and 4 silver.

Pauline set a new club record for 200m freestyle, while Gerda swam 7 events and set a club record in every one of them! Furthermore, Gerda’s 50m butterfly and 200m individual medley are new state records!!! Imagine how she will do when she starts coming to training sessions again!!!

The meet was really well run worthy of pride for the WA Masters Swimming community. In total there were about 285 competitors.


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