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Our logo is the Blue Manna Crab often called the "Swimmer" crab.

Our motto is "Fittness - Friendship - Fun" through swimming and social activities.

The Mandurah Masters Swimming Club started in 1993 with six members and within three years had grown to 50 members. The Club grew from a local need and desire to bring people together, who wanted to swim for fitness and to share fun times.

The Club colours of emerald green and dark royal blue are reflected in the Manna Logo.
Our mission is to encourage adults, regardless of age or ability, to participate in a regular swimming program and enjoy the competition and social activities.
Our Club includes pool and open water swimmers, as well as triathletes, who compete in events. However, many members don't compete at all and just swim for enjoyment.
It is a misconception that "Masters" is only for strong swimmers, it only means that you're over the age of 18!
If you are new to swimming and wishing to improve your technique or speed, you may find that self-instruction is only getting you so far. Regardless of your ability, it is not too late to join a swimming club.
Those who choose to swim in pool and/or open water events, swim against people in the same age group – winning or losing isn’t what’s important, it’s the personal achievement that really matters.
Join us and enjoy:
  • A supportive, friendly environment.
  • Regular coaching and training sessions led by Masters accredited coaches
  • Club swims and social functions
  • Pool and open water competitions
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