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Once again a big thanks to the members and partners that rolled up to cook sausages, serve sausages, cook sausages with onions, buy sausages (you name it, we did it for the sausage!!!). Special thanks to Greg who had the permit from Bunnings to set up, organised the roster and cleaned up! The permit holder is obliged to be at the venue for the entire time, plus a big thanks to Alex for organising the donation of 400 free sausages!!! Just the smell of a sausage is enough!!! Well done members.

Don't forget to register for the Busselton Swim, ballot is open:

Saturday, 21st October @ 10:30am at the Aqua Jetty is the Phillips/Banks trophy, very impressed with the numbers so far, a few more swimmers would be nice, remember this is a fun day, under no pressure, just to enjoy, plus Rockingham do a yummy lunch. "To Remember Ken."

Saturday, 4th November @ 9:00am the Allianz beginners, these are the swimmers that have been having lessons, "learn to swim" at the pool, hopefully they will be attending a BBQ at Doddi's to meet our members. So please make yourself known to these swimmers, maybe you will be talking to new members for Manna's Swimming Club. I just ask you to make them feel welcome, like all new comers.

Sunday, 19th November is our swim meet, we need swimmers and volunteers to make sure this event is run according to plan. Registration date for the event will be forthcoming, plus a flyer will come out in regards to the catering, and Ann Ferguson has once again volunteered to organise the raffle, thanks Ann.

Saturday, 25th November is the date set for our famous Doddi's Dash, as this will be the last time I will be organising this event, the theme will be MARINE TIME (lived on a yacht for too long!!!). Your mind boggles on what you can come as, so get your mind into gear. Maybe we might have a famous judge!!!

Sunday, 10th December is our Christmas social event which is to be held at the Brighton Hotel (upstairs in the Velour Lounge). Save the date, 12noon start. I'm sure the social committee will come up with some novel ideas to embrace our Christmas spirits, more news to come on the social event.

Rules of the road at Doddi's, please swim up to the reef close to the beach and coming home swim out to the yellow buoy. As summer is approaching a lot of the swimmers are starting at different times and to avoid accidents, if these rules are obeyed, accidents won't happen. The pontoon will be in shortly and this is a great sighting for the return journey plus don't forget to adhere to the board placed at the entrance to the beach, with all members names on.

The October roster is out for the spotters

at Doddi's, you can put your name down either via the website (it's on the top of the page) or write your name down at Doddi's just inside the shed, or see Brett Matters, our Safety Officer.

Excellent to see the numbers increasing at the pool on a Tuesday morning, 10:30am, for swimming training. This timeslot is locked in until the end of the year and hopefully the 25m swimming pool will be available at the beginning of 2024, has been a long wait.

Keep swimming everyone.

Fun Friendship Fit

Sue Mac


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