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President's Prattle : November 2022

What a big month we have experienced.

This past weekend we had a wonderful “Doddi Dash” now into its seventh year. We couldn’t have asked for a better finish with the crowning of Pauline as our Doddi queen. There were some very fine times swum in the excellent conditions. But it wasn’t all about the swimming with another fine group of “heroes” dressed for the occasion. The heroes ranged from aviators Amelia Erhart, Charles Kinsford-Smith and Biggles, to spiderman, Barby doll, 3 wise men??? , Robert Federer (evidently Roger’s brother also plays tennis), to copies of the Manna's membership. Well done to Sue’s parents our international judges who provided an unbiased perspective. Fashion parade, swim and barby brecky made for a great morning in perfect weather conditions. The club gives a big thanks to Sue Mac for her organisation, Barb who set the handicaps, and Des who acted as official.

The previous Sunday we hosted over 100 swimmers from 18 clubs in our annual “Act, Belong, Commit” Club Challenge. As a result of so many pitching in to help and swim, this crowded program ran very smoothly, allowing all swimmers a full card of 5 swims and relays. Thanks to Ron Gray and his team of officials we finished all events in a timely manner. With 33 Manna’s swimmers in the water we easily won the day, but it was great to see Rockingham come with a strong team of 27 swimmers to further strengthen our ties. Well done to Jen, Deb and Paul on registration; Barb, Kathy and Ken on marshalling; Mike for team organisation; Gary on the announcing desk; Kirk and Karl on the recording data entry; Ross and team on set-up and clean-up; Deb and Sue on the feast and Ann on another successful raffle. Many others helped with timing and wherever was required. This was a great team effort and an excellent result in the pool. Again the Dream Team of Jannie, Gerda, Pauline and Lyn smashed a National short-course record in the 4x50m medley, whilst Gerda also gained a National record in the 100m medley. Overall 3 National and 12 State records were set. With 583 points we were comfortable victors over second place Rockingham on 381 points.

The Open Water series has now begun and we were well represented at the Lake Neschenaultia Swim with a dozen members making the trip. Well done. Keep an eye on the WOW series of Masters WA swims. The local “Cut to Club” swim at Bouvard is also open for entries.

Our Christmas celebration will be at the Bridge at 1.00pm on Saturday 10th Dec. Greg has arranged for $500 of food to be served. This will be a good start but if still hungry those attending can order from the menu. Drinks and additional food orders are your own cost. Those who wish to take part in the ‘Christmas Cringle’ should bring a suitably wrapped gift to the value of $5

So in this rush towards Christmas I wish all swimmers well.

Be kind, and look after each other.

Steve C


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