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President's Prattle : June 2022

Hi Swimmers,

If you have been anything like me then your time is being well filled. I

hope you are avoiding the dreaded COVID and if not, that it is a light dose.

What a fun weekend we have just had with the MSWA Solstice Swim competition.

Although we were in Geraldton, Jen and I were able to get in 3 swims. The weather

was boisterous to say the least, but not a challenge to we true “Doddi” swimmers. I

must say the water was a couple of degrees warmer which was nice. It seems plenty

of locals get into the swimming at the Gero town beach , but we didn’t see any of the

group- socialising that is such a joy at Doddi’s. Well done to all the swimmers who

completed swims and entered these on line. At my last look, we didn’t back up and

win the cup for a third year, but we did force West Coast to get a lot of swimmers wet

and this is the main idea of the comp I think. Good to see Rockingham having a good

early crack. To all those who actually did 4 swims, great effort even though as we

found only 3 were counted. From Ivan’s photos there was a great crowd of swimmers

on the Saturday morning, so just keep it going all winter now??? Thanks to those who

organised the bar-b-que and especially Steve who Karen convinced to do our cooking.

We have a couple of highlight social functions coming up quickly. The CAR RALLY

takes off from Doddi's carpark at 10.00am on Sunday July 3rd . Tickets for this are

available from Greg Cockram ( 0427279004) and should be obtained by June 25th , so

get your cars serviced and your teams together to take off for “destination unknown”

and a picnic barby.

Also in the planning is a gala “Joke of a Night” on July 23rd . This will be a fundraiser

in support of one of our swimmers who has MS and profits will go to research into a

cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Once again, start planning your tables or just get a ticket

and come along. More info on this evening is in the pipeline, but I can assure you

there will be laughs aplenty. If you don’t have a couple of favourite jokes to share

then look up a jokebook!!

On the swimming front, our coaches lead by Wayne are planning the training cycle. It

is great to see some new swimmers in the pool as Tuesday and Thursday 6.00pm

swims continue to gain support. Club Captain Mike and recorder Kirk are also trying

Saturday swims at 3.30pm in place of Sunday morning swims to see if this new

timeslot has greater participation.

Pool competitions coming up include an Act Belong Commit Club Challenge at

Riverton on July 17th and a month later the Groper Relay competition on August 13th .

Put this one in your calendar as it is an event in which we need lots of swimmers to

try to finally knock Claremont off top spot. The 25m format makes this a lot of fun,

and relays are a great way to get into a swim competition without undue pressure.

After a bit of messing about, I can finally confirm that our own Club Challenge will

be on Nov 20th with the Doddi's Dash the week later on Saturday Nov 26th . Confirm

these in your Calendars.

Well, keep swimming. Be kind., and look after each other!!

Steve Crake…President


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