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2021 MSWA State Championships in Mandurah

The 2021 State Championships will be held at MARC over the weekend 27-28 March. The boom in the outside pool will be set for a 25m course. Don’t be scared by the title of "State Championships". Swimmers of all ages and abilities compete at both State and National Championships. Just being there and competing makes everyone a champion.

We all can swim 25 metres or multiples of, so it is hoped many Mannas will be entering the championships, especially as they will be held in our pool.

But will you know what to do when you’re there? Why are you swimming in that particular heat; how does marshalling work; what do you do before racing; what swimwear is legal (and what isn’t); what happens when you finish your swim; what are the swimming rules; and what’s with all those whistles?

To prepare for these meets, come to training on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights from 6 pm. Coaches can get you practising starts, turns, and relay changeovers, as well as help with stroke correction. If you are unfamiliar with pool swimming, training will get you familiar with swimming in 25m bursts in freshwater. On Tuesdays, you will gain familiarisation about what happens pre-race, including those whistles mentioned above. In addition, you can go here for a look at Masters Swimming Rules.

You can further prepare for the State Championships by registering to swim at the Newman Churchlands LLCC meet on Sunday, 21 February, (outdoor 50m) or at the Melville LLCC meet on Sunday, 14 March (indoor 50m). These meets are run on the same rules and practices as the Masters Swimming State and National championships, as well as the Australian Masters Games being held here in Perth in October, so your competing at an LLCC will better prepare you for the States.

These arrangements will begin on Tuesday, 2 February and run every Tuesday until 23 March if there is sufficient interest. So, if you want to swim in the States, come to training at MARC and get ready to race.


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