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2020 Lake Leschenaultia Swim Report and Photos

On Sunday nine Mannas and supporter Anne travelled to Lake Leschenaultia for the 34th Lake Swim. Weather conditions were ideal and the water temp surprisingly warmer than Doddi’s Beach.

The day started well with both Sue Giles and Ross winning Spot Prizes when registering.

The main event, the 1600m Lake Classic had Steve C, Jenny C, Ross, Paul, Sue G, Jan and Sue Mac entered. The winners of this event are those swimmers who come in closest to their nominated times. Three swimmers won their respective age categories: 60-64 F winner Sue G ( 5min 42sec out),60-64 M winner Ross (1min 24secs out) and 70-74 M winner Paul ( 9 secs out) which was exciting.

Wayne and Deborah participated in the 3.2km swim ,which saw Wayne shave 6mins 01 secs of his last years’ time with Deb swimming in with all the kayaks.

Jen was the only one lucky enough to win one of the Raffle prizes; however, once again the shared picnic lunch was enjoyed by all.

It is a fun event to participate in and very ‘do-able’ for all.

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