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Mandurah Mannas Club Records for 2019

Wishing you a brand New Year

that is bursting with Joy

roaring with Laughter

and full of Fun

It's that time of year when we make our new years resolutions, but before we do, lets celebrate the 2019 new Club Record holders!

The records for 2019 have now been finalised and what a bumper year 2019 was for our wonderful team of Mannas who achieved an amazing 34 new club records.

Ladies with new club records:

Capt Jen(2), Heather(1), Gerda(3), Donna(1), Pauline(2) and Pres Deb (1)

Gentlemen with new club records:

Mike(10), Shane(1), Graeme(1), John(11) and Joel(1)

Click Here to see a copy of the complete set of Club Records. The club records board at MARC will be updated over the coming weeks.

So, if you would like your name in lights in 2020 - why not stop by the records board at MARC and see what club record you might like to achieve. Have fun and keep swimming.

Here comes 2020!

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