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2019 Stadium Masters LLCC Photos & Report

The Mandurah Mannas committed to another fantastic showdown at the latest Stadium Snappers meet. Despite our low numbers, we really did exceptionally well. Our team came third for overall points with only 13 swimmers. The raffle was again a success for our team.

I will thank Kim Bennett for pulling an "all-dayer" on the timekeeping roster. Your diligence did not go unnoticed.

Our relays once again came up on top, all two of them! Some changes needed to be implemented as some swimmers did not swim, however, we still won. Individual swims were well swum. It is always interesting how swimmers are never completely satisfied with their swim, but again, it is about having fun, and food. As no one will pre-cut off your sandwich crusts, be sure to eat them, for future reference they put hair on your chest?

The meet overall was fun, because of the people of course. We did put in a complaint about the terrible microphone feedback situation that plagued the announcers all meet. Didn't stop them from mispronouncing Deb Bloor's surname. Apparently, she heard us whilst swimming laughing at their mistake!

Attendance has slightly diminished at training nights so let us try to make the effort to come down, even when we don't feel like it, you will thank yourself after. Do not forget that we are inside in the heated 25m pool on Thursday nights, so if you use the excuse of being too cold outside, well... you cannot any longer!

All the best to the 5 swimmers attending 2019 WA State Championships next weekend at HBF Stadium, namely: John Cahill, Mike Bennett, Ken Isbister, Gerda Williams and Jannie Thompson.

Click Here for Stadium results.

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