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2019 Busselton Jetty Swim Photos & Results

The 2019 SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim was held on Sunday 10th February, in conditions that were close to ideal. Starters were greeted to a sunny morning, with a clear blue sky and a cool south-south-easterly (offshore) breeze. The wind assisted the swim out to the end of the jetty and gave swimmers a slight chop to swim into on the leg back to the beach. Conditions were conducive to the setting of a swag of PB's, exemplified by the long standing swim record being beaten by Rhys Mainstone in 39:35.2, which was also the first sub 40 minute swim ever.

This year a team of 36 Mannas entered the solo swim, as well as Linda in a duo team with Debbie's grand-daughter and Capt. Jen and Simon (with his daughter) in the inaugural "Mile" swim (starting near the end of the jetty and swimming back to shore). Making a total of 39 Mannas swimming and that is not including many friends of the club who swam.

Mandurah solo results in the table below are sorted on Gender and Age Group (sorry if anyone is missing).

Congratulations to Ray for completing his 20th solo swim. A feat that has encouraged a swag of Mannas, who are not that far behind, to keep swimming.

Well done to Tessa swimming a blistering 44:29.32 to be the first female Manna out of the water and 1st in her age group. Not to be outdone, Sue J and Anne-Marie placed in their respective age groups.

Joel was the first male Manna out of the water in a very respectable 56:56.7. Unfortunately, some pre-swim trash talk came back to bite him as he was soundly beaten over the line by Sue J and Erica. Another swim where Manna men were trounced by the ladies!

Congratulations to first-time soloists: Ann, Marta and Helen.

Congratulations to all those who set PB times.

Thank you to the many Mannas, family and friends who came to support the swimmers.

Fantastic effort everyone!!

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