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Australia Day Volunteer Pre-Swim Picnic & Sleep Over, as well as Post-Swim BBQ

Your Mandurah Australia Day Swim organising committee (aptly named the MAD Committee) would like to invite members and friends to come down to the Mandurah Yacht Club on Halls Head Parade to help set up for our Australia Day Swim at 4:00pm on Friday 25 January 2019. BUT there is more ....

This year, rather than early on the morning of the swim, that afternoon we plan to set up as much as we can outside, as well as inside, the Yacht Club; e.g. Marquees, Banners, PA System etc.

After setting up, there will be a BYO Everything Pre-swim Picnic for volunteers - with some of us sleeping over to make sure nothing is nicked or damaged during the night. This should be a blast!

On the positive side, you wont need to worry about being late for the swim, but on the other hand a night camping under the stars may have a negative effect on some swim performances.

On Australia Day, after the swim, we would like as many members as who are able - to stay, help pack up and share in a Thank You Australia Day BBQ put on by the MAD Committee. We will supply the lamb chops and pavlova, so all you have to bring is your own drinks, salads, tables, chairs etc. This will be a great opportunity to relax and chat with friends after a big day of FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP - What better way to spend your Australia Day afternoon!

If you are able to help before and/or after the swim - please tell Steve Ferguson, phone or text him on 0414 359 402 or email at

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