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Doddi's Dash Dazzlers – Christmas Fashion Parade 2018

The prelude to the 2018 Doddi's Dash held on Sunday 9th December was the Fashion on the Foreshore Parade. Backed by photos from Ivan and Lyn, Judge Helen (aka Miss Muffett) provides an insight to the all the fun in the following report:

  • Olé, olé, olé! “Mexican Wave” Cathy created a traditional Mexican outfit and performed a marvellous Mexican wave as she glided towards the judges.

  • Keeping our unruly participants on the straight and narrow was our “Merry Christmas Monk” Vern, he brought forth his wonderful smile and reverently walked the runway.

  • Jen and Steve Crake direct from the Moulin Rouge performed a double act “The Maids”. Needless to say, this duo is very polished, they sang (an original) and danced - all whilst holding champagne. Cheers!! Sadly, the image of Steve in his stockings and budgie smugglers will forever stay in our minds.

  • Our very graceful and mysterious “Moroccan Maiden” Ann, majestically meandered through the Mannas and with grace and poise took home the coveted Best Dressed Lady.

  • Sue J and Barb P aka. “The Matching Girls” synchronized swimmers in the water and synchronized swimwear models on the land. They showed us what it takes to be in this masterful duo. Wear Pink!! The girls entertained us all with music ‘This is ME’.

  • “Malibu Ken and Barbie” Erica and Craig flew direct from Florida. Barbie strutted her stuff like she was Dolly Parton, while goofy Ken didn’t take his eyes off his amazing girlfriend. No jet lag here!!

  • “McDonald Mess”, worn by Sue Mc. How lucky we all were when Ms. McDonald laid/littered our runway with buckets of Happy Meals for the audience. This performance was most definitely a highlight of the parade.

  • Ándele, Ándele, “Mexican on a Mission” John decided to soak his opponents and nearly got DQ’d from the judges!

  • Barb B – “The great endangered Moo Deer”, mooed her way across the runway and delighted everyone with her Christmas cheer.

  • Oh dear!! Sadly, poor Glenda appears to have lost her way this year – as she must have fallen straight out from the back of her van. She strutted the runway with a “Mop” on her head ;-) Better luck next year Glenda.

  • “Merry Christmas Man” Ken, wearing haute couture T-Shirt and Christmas bathers, shyly walked the runway, whilst disappointing the judges as they expected to see Mankini Man this year!

  • “Miss Mercury”, shined bright and President Deb wowed us with Karen’s very special achievements. We are very proud of this quick silver filly!

  • Direct from the Adams Family, “Miss Morticia”, stunned the audience with her ensemble. Pauline oozed class and style and ran away with 3rd prize.

  • “Marvellous Mormon Missionary Kirk”: This tee-totaling, clean living judge whose grandfather Joseph Smith had 6 wives managed to be impeccably dressed and tried to preach to the audience from the Book of Mormon. Better luck next year!

  • “The Mask”, this shy judge tried to stay incognito but the red lippy was too familiar to us all. Thanks Sue Giles.

  • “Little Miss (Helen) Muffet” she sat on her tuffet, eating her curds eating and whey Along came a MANNA who sat down beside her, And frightened Miss Muffet away ….

  • “Mary Poppins, Maria Von Trap, Lori from Oaklahoma and Eva Peron” Hard to put in words this wonderful character and her amazing wardrobe changes. President Deb gave us the performance of the year – her creative singing and wonderful props left us all mesmerized!! 1st Class – awesome job!

Prizes went to:

1st Place: Mary Poppins/Maria Von Trap/Lori from Oaklahoma/Eva Perron

2nd Place: McDonald Mess

3rd Place: Ms. Morticia

Best Couple: Malibu Ken and Barbie

Best Comedy Performance: The Maids

Best Dressed Lady: Moroccan Maiden

Best Dressed Man: The Monk

What were you thinking?: The Mop

Presidents Prize: Miss Mercury

Super job everyone! Let’s do it all again next year.

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