2018 Doddi's Dash - 9 Dec - Call for Nominations

Mandurah Masters Swimming Club officially invites all member fillies, colts, mares, stallions and geldings to nominate for the running of the 2018 Doddi's Dash on Sunday 9th December - the race that stops a small section of Halls Head!

For those new to the Club, Doddi's Dash is a 1 km Handicap Race, where the faster you can swim the later you start. Conversely, the slower you swim (or more money you pay the handicappers) the bigger the head start you get on the rest.

This year all the festivities will take place from a base on the foreshore at the Robert Point (west) end of Doddi's Beach, Halls Head Parade, Halls Head.

Doddi's Dash will only be one part of a trifecta when too much fun, fitness and friendship is never enough! The cherry on the cake is this year we hope to raise even more money than last year to donate to charity.


Starting with fun, the "Fashions on the Foreshore"

parade will be run prior to the Dash.

Arguably, more hotly contested than the Dash. Members have the opportunity to dress up or dress down and parade in front of an expert panel of fashion judges. The theme for costumes this year is the letter