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Last Saturday Winter Swim at Doddi's

Thank you Ivan for recording our last Saturday winter swim at Doddi's for 2018.

Saturday winter swimming had a happy ending as some 20+ swimmers enjoyed swimming on a cool morning with clear blue skies, calm winds and a relatively flat ocean albeit with the occasional wave thrown in to make things interesting.

The mood of the morning was upbeat and very jovial, no doubt brightened as the first signs of spring herald the end of what has been an "old-fashioned" winter.

Surprisingly, sand from south of Doddi's has filled the bay and turned it into a surf beach. It is so shallow now, you can almost walk out the boating exclusion buoys! However, you can be sure the beach will continue to change through spring.

With the arrival of spring, more and more brave souls are braving the cold water "sans" wetsuit. Maybe partly because the new hot showers are fantastic, even more so when the power is not turned off accidentally between swims. This morning the water temperature was still definitely less than 15C. I wonder if, during the week, we can pump the seawater through the water heater and try and take the chill off the ocean? Must ask Graeme.

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