Coast Care Planting at Doddi's Sun 18 June

WOW ! Thank you "Mannas" for an excellent showing this morning for the Halls Head Coastcare project at Robert Point (next to Doddi's Beach).

Over twenty members were there bright and bushy-tailed for a 9:00am start. On the dot, Deb Brown read the "riot-act" (actually it was the legals, formals, duty of care and all that). Then after signing the declaration and attendance sheet, we all strolled up to the City of Mandurah Coast Care truck where the two lovely young ladies from the Council gave a demonstration on what had to be done and the work began. You will see in the pics., there was a short break for "smoko" at the back of Wayne's truck then back to work.

Also in the pics, you will see the Alcoa team who were there supporting Wayne Cable as part of Alcoa's "Community Partnership” program.