Results of Club Fun Handicap Relay Sunday

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Relay Sunday Funday on 28th May, as well as those who volunteered to help with starting and timing or were just there for support.

Twenty-six finely tuned athletes assembled on pool deck for this epic event. Not to mention, some world renowned pool officials and crack timers.

The day started with the presentation of a plethora of World Masters and State Record Certificates to Gerda and Jannie, followed by a brace of State Record Certificates to Anwar. State Relay Record Certificates were also announced for Colleen, Pauline and Lyn McPhail. Most notably, Graeme received a State Record Certificate albeit 2 years after the race! A special presentation followed, but more about this in another news item.

The main program started with a Mens 4 x 50m freestyle relay and Womens