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New Club Calendar on Website

We have added a Club Calendar to our website, which shows details of all the Club Social and Swimming Events, Open Water Swims and Club Challenges. As shown in the image above it can be selected from the "CALENDAR" tab on the main menu bar. Existing menu tabs for "SPONSORS" and "LINKS" can be found by selecting the "More" tab.

This page links to the Club's Google Calendar and items can be added from the Club Calendar directly to your Google Calendar or you may add the full Club Calendar by searching for "Mandurah Mannas" in the Google Calendar itself.

The default view for the Calendar is "Month"; however, this can be changed by selecting "Week" or "Agenda" in the top right hand corner above the Calendar. The latter may prove more useful.

It's early days, but as more information for each event becomes available it will be added and will be viewable by just clicking the event.

Please let us know ( if you find this useful or encounter any problems.


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