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March, Birthdays!

This month we have four Mannas celebrating their birthdays and they are all Pisces. We encourage you all to:

"Please keep calm and don't over do it at your age!"

Pisces: 19 Feb – 20 March

The fish. Born to it. Amazing swimmers. Intuitive, instinctive, water is their natural home. If you need help in the water, Pisces are your go-to sign – but so willing are they to help others, they may drown themselves in the process. Oh well. But be warned, other swimmers: pisceans don't like rejection. If you don't let them on the swim team … well, you've been warned.

Swimmers who may drown themselves celebrating birthdays this month are: Wayne H on the 1st, but he has no time to celebrate as he is full training for Greece; Annette on the 3rd and Pres. Steve on the 14th, can both celebrate moving up an Age division; and Paul on the 20th, - everyone be at Doddi's for Dell's cake!

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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