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2016 Doddi's Dash - Report & Results

What a great day! While having an enormous amount of fun, we raised $500 for the "Peel Community Kitchen"!

On a delightful sunny Saturday morning in perfect conditions, 50 Mandurah Masters members and 5 guest swimmers as well as a large contingent of family and friends gathered at Doddi's Beach to take part, help or support the 44 swimmers who entered the 2016 (Inaugural) Doddi's Dash - 1km Handicap Swim.

Pre-race, some swimmers resorted to psyching out their competitors by arriving in costume. Deb Bloor in a raunchy black playboy outfit with black stockings provided a stark contrast to fairies Ingrid and Erica. Not for the first time, Deb Brown went skimpy (this time with bathers under). Others were adorned with party balloons and colourful hair, to name but a few sights we all had to witness. Everyone was thankful Ken didn't wear his mankini!

After registering, swimmers milled around nervously or did yoga, before gathering on the beach for the Race Briefing and then proceeding to the Start Line. At the Start Line swimmers were greeted by none other than official Starter Colin Barnett, well actually it was Ivan doing a very convincing Colin Barnett impression. Swimmers lined up at the Starting Gate in handicap order, each starting at specified intervals based on their swim speed (leisurely to hectic).

The first swimmers had nearly reached the 1st turning buoy at the Reef before the last swimmer had started. I think it is fair to say, once swimming, the adrenalin kicked in big-time with most swimmers. The challenge of trying to catch the swimmer in front or not be passed, resulted in some outstanding efforts.

Having witnessed the start, a quick jog up the beach was necessary to arrive in time to see the leaders rounding the turning buoys at the Reef. As expected the field was starting to bunch, except for two bolters going like the clappers out in front. With the leaders already on the return leg, some of the back markers were still only halfway to the reef. Then another jog back down beach to catch up with the leaders and witness the finish. In the closing stages, the leader was slowly being hauled-in by the second place swimmer, but who were they?

At the final turn buoy, there was less than 10m between the leading pair, with the second place swimmer still catching. In the last 50m, now with a lead of only 5m, the leader found something and managed to hold off a fast finishing second place. Well done, Peter King and Colleen Wray!

Then came the onslaught of a well handicapped field, with some of the back markers mentioned earlier finishing in the top 10!

Videos of the event will be posted on the website in the near future.

Congratulations to Peter for winning the Barb Pellick Perpetual Trophy AKA the "Golden Goggles". I am not sure if Barb will ever live it down. Peter's and all future winners names will be engraved on the trophy for posterity.

Well done Colleen and Ken for finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Spot prizes went to Helen and Pauline, both were popular winners. Helen is still trying to find out who entered her in the race?? John is still in shock!

Best costume prizes went to Deb Bloor, Erica and Ingrid. Well done girls, especially Deb who just took things that little bit farther by swimming in black stockings!

While the race was underway, a hardworking and resourceful BBQ team managed to cook 100 sausages and onions without any working BBQ's! I don't know how they managed, but their effort ranked up there in esteemed company with a "fishes and loaves" type performance!

After the event, everybody wound down sharing stories of their race, eating sausages and watermelon and drinking coffee. There was much laughter and many smiles with much of the conversation turning to next years race!

I can't wait!

Needless to say, a day like today doesn't happen without the hard work of many volunteers. Volunteering and hard work is something Mandurah Mannas' and their families are particularly good at. Thank you one and all!

Last but not least, thanks to our sponsors: Dan Murphy's and Barb Pellick.

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