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Stroke Video Analysis and Correction

Whether you swim for fun and fitness or take it seriously in competition, swimming is usually a case of ‘power/propulsion versus drag’. The ‘power/propulsion’ being the motion of pulling yourself through the water with your arms or kicking yourself forward with your legs whilst the ‘drag’ is the resistance caused by various parts of our bodies that slow our momentum through the water.

We can all work on improving our swimming by getting fitter and increasing our power/propulsion through the water but we can also improve our swimming speed by reducing our drag. Sometimes identifying and reducing the drag aspects of our strokes can improve our speed more than any improvement in fitness or power.

Whilst our coaching staff try to keep an eye on swimmers at training and pass helpful comments when they notice some deficiencies, it is not always possible on a busy training night. We do have a ‘Gopro’ camera and Ipad and are more than happy to carry out individual analysis of individual club members strokes. This is best done by appointment and usually on a Saturday morning in the pool.

One of the few members who has taken advantage of an individual analysis is Steve Ferguson. He says, "It was fantastic of John and Mike to volunteer their time to help me improve my stroke. Not only did they identify aspects of my stroke that need improvement, seeing how I actually swim versus how I thought I was swimming was quite a shock! I really recommend booking a time for anyone wanting to get to the other end of the pool a little quicker or with less effort." The improvement in Steve's stroke was evident when he beat Head Coach John Cahill out of the water at the recent MSWA State Open Water Swim!

To book a session, email John at or Mike at

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