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President's Prattle - September 2021

I have been a little remiss in my communications this far, but here goes for this

month, and hopefully some take the time to read it.

We have just returned from the camping trip organised by Brett and Sue. I think 27

folk availed themselves of the chance. There was all sorts of accommodation, from

the floor of the tennis club, back of cars to tents, camper trailers of all types and a few

caravans. The ‘convoy’ was well organised and well lead. Wildflowers, hill climbs to

views, rock weirs, a sandal wood plantation….plenty to see once we left Beverley.

Saturday night was a huge feast of shared food, a massive firepit, and great damper.

We finished with a Sunday barbq at Toapin Weir just our of Quarading, before we all

made our way home. 27 campers and 13 vehicles….like herding cats, but somehow

Brett kept us together. Many thanks for a fun weekend.

September was a busy club month, which began with the highly successful “Gala”

night organised by Glenda, Helen and their team. Not only was there a lot of fun, but

we also raised around $2500 to contribute to local sports for kids with disabilities.

Well done to Greg, Tom, Helen and others who were successful in gaining many

sponsors for the night. Thanks to Wayne, Sue and Greg our croupiers for the night,

Gary the “Bouncer” and helper Jen. Once again, the social committee hit the target. It

may be a while before we again see the long gowns, fur coats, suits, tuxedos so

magnificently worn, though it is possible some of the garments may now be available

at “Good Sammis”

The Gala was followed by a big team of swimmers at the “Gropers Relay” swim.

Mike managed to get a team of around 29 swimmers. We came a very solid third of

17 competing teams and even came home with some state records. It was great to see

some of our members racing for the first time. More talent unearthed!!

(It is a bit historic, but we also received our “trophy” for the Winter Solstice Swim

Champion Club while there). Unfortunately the Australian Masters Games were

postponed due to covid, but the next competition is the upcoming Stadium Snappers

LLCC on Oct 24th. We then get back into the open water WOW series with the Lake

Leschenaultia swim on Nov 14th.

If they are not on your calendar yet please take note that the much-esteemed “Doddies

Dash” is on Saturday 20th Nov. This 1000m intraclub handicap event is now a classic,

and highly prized individual award. I am told the handicapper is not averse to gifts of


The following weekend on Sunday 28th Nov is our own LLCC at MARC and will

require ALL hands on deck to either assist or swim or both. This is a 25m short course

event and a great way to get started if the joy of racing hasn’t grabbed you yet.

Our Christmas lunch rounds thing out on Sunday 5th Dec, so stay tuned for details.

As always

Keep swimming, be kind and look after each other.


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