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Carb-loaded and ready for a fight

It was a gloomy morning. The rain continued to fall. Streams of water flowed across the once dry street. Flashes of lightning closely followed intermittent rolls of thunder.

A shadowy figure stopped in the doorway, their eyes surveying the room, their glance pausing at tables in the darkened corners. They walked across the room, pulled up a chair and sat down. This scene was repeated over the next half-hour until all eight had arrived.

Customers at nearby tables glanced at the group, quickly turning away to avoid being noticed. They didn't know why, but somehow they knew - not to f... with these swimmers.

No, it wasn't the largest team Mandurah had sent to an event; but by-gees, it was a team that instilled fear. It was a team with a reputation and a chequered history - three Life Members, the current President, Treasurer, Secretary, Coaching Director and two Safety Officers, three past-Presidents, three past-Vice Presidents, a past-Secretary, three state record holders, four Kathy McLeod Best Club Persons, three winners of the Coaching Director's award, two winners of the Club Challenge Award, two winners of the Aerobic Challenge Award, an Open Water Swim Award Runner-up, four Rottnest Channel Swimmers and two hardened English Channel Swimmers, but most importantly and not lost on those in the room - no Fun, Friendship and Fitness Winners.

It didn't take long until news of them had reached the organisers of the swim. They said they cancelled the swim due to the weather, but you could smell the fear in the air.

There were sighs of relief from the surrounding tables, as one-by-one, they left the room. Yet they all knew the Mannas would be back next week, and they would have to face them in the Jetty to Jetty Swim.


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