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Banks/Phillips Cup

Put together 19 Mandurah Mannas, 21 Rocky Rays and 15 helpers and what do you get? A fun filled morning of swimming at MARC. The weather outside was terrible but inside the atmosphere was filled with lots of happy smiling people. The event was for the inaugural Banks/Phillips Cup, named after Ken Phillips from Mandurah and Steve Banks from Rockingham who were remembered as being fantastic Club Members.

The idea was to bring the two clubs together in a fun filled non-competitive pool event and boy did it deliver. Teams were made up of either 4 or 5 swimmers to swim a variety of novel events but with the twist being the team who swam closest to their nominated time won. Events included a 25m Breaststroke, 25m swim with a noodle, 25m push a pool boy, 50m Freestyle and a mixed medley. The noodle relay probably provided the best entertainment as you could really see who rolls when they swim.

At the conclusion of the relays, swimmers and helpers retired to the Clubroom for a sumptuous morning tea provided by members. It was quite sobering to listen to Karen from Rockingham read a short piece about Steve Banks and our own Steve Crake remind us of what an outstanding club member Ken was.

It was then time to announce the winners. First up was the team who were the furthest away from their nominated times overall and went to Mike, Colleen, Kirk, Ann, Jen R-B and Deborah. Perhaps it was the interchanging they did that put them off their game. Next lot of winners were the team that came last in the Noodle Race. Once again it went to the Mandurah Team of Jenny, Sue Giles, Sue J, Narelle and Gary. However, the team that came closest overall to their nominated time were from Rockingham. They were 0:00.04 of their times. We were all impressed they knew their times so well.

The coveted Cup was awarded to the winning team of Rockingham who were very excited to be taking home the trophy. Both clubs have shown their commitment to make this an annual event. Next year we will be travelling to Aqua Jetty and we will be more prepared with our times!

Of course, no event can be successful without the outstanding contribution made by the volunteers who turned up. Thank you to all and to Erica who had her foot in both camps but did get rewarded for her efforts.

Lastly, big thanks to Captain John who came up with the concept and executed it perfectly with the help of Helen.

All in all, it was a great event in these uncertain times.

President Deb

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