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Golden Groper State Relay Results & Photos

Despite being few in number, Mandurah Mannas once again showed up and showed off against all odds managed a couple state records to boot. Our team came fifth for overall points - with only 18 swimmers. Unfortunately, many of our swimmers were unwell and getting over the flu, injury, you name it. Depsite that, in true Manna fashion, everyone pulled together to swim exceptionally well.

This meet boasted the host club Claremont's largest swimmer turnout to date with 284 swimmers. More swimmers participated at the Golden Groper Relay Championships than at States! The small men's team, rather, the small number of men team members did a great job competing against some very fast teams coming second and third place . They totally can hold their own, just not against our women who came out double in numbers. Our lovely ladies smashed the State record in the 280-319 age group for the 4 x 25m Medley and again with the same team in the 4 x 50m Medley. Unfortunately, the raffle was NOT a success for our team. A shame really because usually our team is the envy of every other raffle ticket holder. Thank you Helen Cahill for doing a tremendous job watching Rachel's daughter Aria in between swims. Aria enjoyed eating everything in her packed picnic along with quick and plenty wardrobe changes throughout the course of the meet.

Go Mandurah Mannas!

Just keep swimming,

Capt'n Jen

PS: Coach Mike would like to give a special mention to both Colleen and Anna who despite some inner self-doubts swam exceptional 50m fly legs in their medley relays. It was enough to make their coach feel proud.

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Thank you Ivan for the photos.

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