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July Birthdays!

We are wishing Happy Birthday to a group of twelve of our younger Mannas in July. Younger because their average age is 59.6 versus the club average of 60.6.

Just remember:

"Seven days of no swimming makes one weak!"

First to celebrate their birthday for July is Mark on the 12th. Hopefully, Ross will bring a cake to Doddi's to celebrate his birthday on the 19th. Michael will have a few quite ales on the 20th and Heather has permission to take the day off on the 23rd. Barb will celebrate in Croatia with glass of wine or two on the 24th. Karen will take it easy on the 25th. Shane our young star will celebrate on the 29th. Two of our more mature stars, Phil and Pauline celebrate on the 30th. Last but not least, Richard and new member Heidi will cut the cake on the 31st.

Happy birthday everyone!

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