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May Birthdays!

A select group of six Mannas celebrate birthdays in May. Interestingly, as a group they just qualify as a six person relay in the 340 to 359 combined age group.

Just remember:

"Empty your mouth before blowing out the candles!"

First birthday for May is quiet achiever Trevor late on the 3rd. Stephen P is next off the blocks - theoretically on the 6th, but as is his way he may start early on the 5th. Jenny C is next to celebrate on the 8th, which may double as a birthday and bon voyage party. Garry's birthday is two days later on the 10th - hopefully he comes and celebrates at the trots that night. Sue Mac blows out a forest of candles on the 13th. After that onslaught, we need to wait until the 26th before we can sing happy birthday to Mandy.

Happy birthday everyone!

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