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March Birthdays!

It's a select group of Mannas who celebrate their birthday in March. If you don't count waking up in the morning as significant, there is only one significant milestone.

Just remember:

"The older you get, the better you get ... unless you are a banana!"

First birthday for March is Wayne H on the 1st. One of Wayne's superpowers is celebrating and no doubt he will continue his good form from Rotto. Annette celebrates "Sunset Strip" on the 3rd (hope she brings a cake to the pool so we can sing happy birthday). "Hey Jude" was No. 1 on the charts the year Donna was born, which "dont make it bad" that the 8th is a major milestone well worth celebrating. Steve C should be off his self imposed detox just in time to pop-the-cork on the 14th. LXXIII is not his shirt size, rather a good reason for Paul J to kick up his heels on the 18th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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