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February Birthdays!

Apologies for the tardiness of posting February Manna birthdays.

Other than each of them will be more than happy to reach their respective birthdays, there are no significant milestones in this illustrious group.

Just remember:

"Don't stress about your eyesight failing as you get older, it's just natures way of sparing you the shock as you walk past a mirror!"

First birthday for February is Tessa on the 2nd who is doing her best, but could do with some help, trying to keep the average age of members down. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Lyn on the 3rd an Alister on the 8th, but to be sure both will act as immaturely as possible on the day. Jane will celebrate with a party at Busso on the weekend - we know the party is on the 10th, but please let us all know where and what time to show up! No wonder the next two are inseparable in the water - Jan and Ann share the same birthday on the 20th (Note to me: remember to buy a present!). Last but not least is our bubbly Barb B, who will no doubt be treated to a lunch out by the kayak boys on the 24th.

Happy birthday everyone!

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