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September Birthdays!

Another ten Mannas with a combined age of a 571 have birthdays this month, although many may deny any knowledge of the event. Possibly they should look at the bright side and just remember to:

"Smile while you have teeth!"

September has already started in an avalanche of calories with cakes after swims over the weekend at Doddi's and the Pool from Pres. Deb (end of August), Sue J and Janet on the 2nd. Non-Pres Deb and Capt Jen will both be sweating over a hot oven this week, as both have birthdays on the 7th. Hopefully, Ray will send a us a cake from Switzerland to be here by the 16th. Coincidentally, on the 18th Ivan is celebrating his 18th birthday (+62 years of experience). Someone warn the fire brigade! No doubt Steve F will be training on the 24th, as his granddaughter shares the same birthday and he is no longer the centre of attention. Tracey celebrates a half century on the 25th and on the same day Rhiannon and Craig make up a trifecta.

Happy birthday everyone!

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