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President's Prattle - August 2018

What a dedicated lot we are. It has been encouraging to see swimmers both in the water at the pool and at the beach even on the wettest and windiest days. The water at the pool has been quite pleasant…once you get in and do a lap and somehow the ocean doesn’t seem to be as cold as it was two weeks ago (however the hot showers are still the highlight). Soon it will be spring and these cold wet days will be a distant memory.

When you next poke your head into our shed at Doddi’s Beach you will see a big change. Graeme has been super busy erecting shelves and some are now home to a selection of books. There is a great range and all are in mint condition. If you need a holiday read, come down and borrow one. Thank you Graeme for the work you have done in getting our storage shed more functional.

On Saturday there is a team going up to compete in the Golden Groper Relays at HBF Stadium. Jen has worked hard to put together the teams and as usual it should be a very social and enjoyable event as well as some good times being swum. Captain Jen will have a full report for us after the event. Thanks to the swimmers who put their hand up to compete.

This Sunday morning, and again on the 19th of August as well as the 2nd and 30th of September, you have the chance to come down and do a variety of pool events for the Country Correspondence Carnival, and perhaps break a club record at the same time.

We are also looking for volunteers to man our booth at the Sports Expo being held at the Mandurah Forum on Saturday 11th of August. If you can help out for an hour let me know.

If you are travelling and get to have a swim, take a photo and put it on our club Facebook page. This year so far we have seen our swimmers at Coral Bay, in water of the East Coast and as far away as Slovenia. Good luck to you if you are still travelling or about to start on your journey.

If you have been hibernating don’t forget there is usually a group having a coffee at the pool after Sunday morning swimming or after ocean swimming at Doddi’s. Come on down and say hello.


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