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Typical Winter's Day at Doddi's

Thank you Ivan for braving the cold and photographing this morning's swim.

Doddi's swim mornings often start (and sometimes finish) with waking up and taking a peak at the weather forecast and latest observations.

15 deg C, showers with 24 to 30 km/hr North Westerly winds on a rising 2m to 4m swell - Perfect!!! (please note the sarcasim)

Oh well, might as well put your bathers on under your warmest clothes and hop in the car - all in the vain hope that no one will turn up or commonsense will prevail; i.e. we wont swim and will retire to Dome for coffee. However, you know your Mandurah Mannas friends - not likely!!

To give the Spotters a bit of challenge, the group of 11 swimmers divided into two. Slightly less than half starting at the Reef and the rest at the Groyne. The problem for group starting at the Reef was stopping in time to exit at the Groyne and not being washed into the estuary. The problem for group starting at the Groyne was whether they were able to swim away from the Groyne or were just going to swim for 20 mins in one spot!

Thanks to some committed Spotters who couldn't resist taking a dip as well, both groups achieved their goal, albeit swimming from the Groyne to the Reef seemed to take forever.

How good are those hot showers!!

Thanks Pete for letting Barb have one last cold swim before Coral Bay!

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