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Cott Beach Supporters Clash with Security

The "Cott Beach Supporters Club" reassembled at Gloucester Park on Friday night. All had come along to support Barb and Pete's fantastic filly in her last race as a 3 year old. The night followed the usual pattern of pre-dinner drinks and bets, then adjourning to Steelo's Restaurant for a meal before the start of the main race.

Betting strategies saw horses with beach, swimming or club related names attracting most of the money; e.g. "Back to the Beach", "Sheza Spoilt Bitch", "Stop the Watch", "TheBeachRightHere", "WhozIdeaWasThis", "Susie Rocks", "KissMeCougar", "SeaMeSmile", etc. Unfortunately, following this strategy had as much chance as Head Coach Mike doing a Rotto Solo!

After dinner, with supporters well lubricated, no money left to bet with and having the need to fill in time before the big race, a little "Bucking Stool" action causing a supporter to go "A... over T.." all seemed harmless fun. However, it did attract the attention of the Security Guards. In true Mannas form: we all played dumb, gave false names and addresses, and denied anything happened! Phew! Got away with that one.

As usual Cott Beach gave her all, but after being boxed in was unable to unleash her blistering sprint finish in time to be in the money. Hey - that's racing! Despite not winning, Barb and Pete couldn't have been more happy with their filly's effort and were just glad that she finished a successful campaign as a 3 year old fit, healthy and ready for a well earned spell.

While Cott Beach is spelled, Gary and Marta will provide the excuse we need for many more fun nights out - this time at the Greyhounds. Gary's kennel of stars will be racing soon! Can't wait! PS: In addition, it is probably a good idea to let the dust settle before we go back to Gloucester Park!

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