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Foggy June Morning at Doddi's

This morning, after arriving late, I was surprised to find a group of swimmers and equal number of spotters loitering around the Club storeroom at Doddi's. A quick glance at the watch - 8:02 am, yet oddly no movement from the group to remove any clothing. Worse, there were murmurs of not swimming and just having coffee (mostly coming from so-called "Hard Core Swimmers", but notably not from visitor Claire). What's going on?

Although it was foggy and sea conditions were not clearly visible, it was relatively calm; therefore, no real reason not to swim. In stepped Jan (Hardest of Hard Core Swimmers). Jan had sustained yet another serious injury and was not able to swim, but she had come along to spot and wasn't in any mood to put up with such nonsense. She quickly shamed the other so-called "Hard Core Swimmers" into stripping off and getting into the water.

As the photos show, the foggy conditions did make spotting difficult, even with each swimmer towing a brightly coloured tow-float. Well done to all those who swam and thank you spotters.

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