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President's Prattle - Feburary 2018

Well a short Prattle as my finale. I must say it has been a pleasure to hold the role of President for a few years and I am grateful that the Club has so many members willing to “put–in” at both a Committee level and as worker bees when called upon. As I will mention in my Annual Report, we are a robust club that continues to progress by following our “Fitness, Fun and Friendship” mantra.

Congratulations to all our swimmers who took on the Rotto challenge last weekend. Unlucky to those who were “sharked” out of the water, but better that than loose a leg?? Jodi, Caelan, and Julia had excellent solo swims, Tanya and Jeannette a great duo, Simon teamed up with mates for a great time. Ray, Paul, Kate and Greg were an unlucky team swimming out of their skin (Paul’s descriptor) when sharked out and Glenda and Wayne were both well ahead of expectations when the shark made it’s appearance. There was a massive support contingent of “Mannas” on Rotto all soaking up the vibe. Good luck now to those swimming the “Port to Pub”.

I would like to thank my Committees over the three years and am appreciative of the efforts of each one of you. Sue Mac, Colleen and Sue J will also be retiring from the committee with me, and their work has been excellent. I know they will continue being committed members. Thanks also to the members continuing in their roles for next year. As is healthy, there will be a good mix of new folk and experienced committee members taking the reins for the next 12 months. I wish them the best. I will happily return to the role of worker bee for a while.

To our new Committee, good luck and continue to enjoy helping a great club progress.

Keep swimming, and look after each other

Steve C

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