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2018 Busselton Jetty Swim Video & Results

The 2018 SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim was held on Sunday 11th February, in conditions that were markedly better than last year. This year, starters were greeted to a sunny morning, with a clear blue sky and a cool south-easterly (offshore) breeze that picked to about 30 km/hr at the start. The wind assisted the swim out to the end of the jetty; however, the down-side was a bit of slog into moderate chop for the first 1km or so back from the end. Nevertheless, the conditions were conducive to the setting of a swag of PB's.

Enter the record 42 strong Mandurah Mannas team, many trained to peak on this one day of the year. Our team included event first timers Wayne H, Linda, Mandy, James, Anwar and Joel. A big thank you to friends and members who came down to join the long suffering swimming widows/widowers club and support our swimmers. Those members supporting our team, included: Tess, Janet, Annette, Heather, Helen, Ivan, Pauline, and Hazel (sorry if I forgot anyone). Wow - that's 50 members all up!!

Click Here for the Mannas race results listed in finishing order.

Click Here for the same race results, but this time sorted on "Category Position" and "Time Behind Category Winner". This takes account of swimmer age and shines the light on those who may not be the fastest overall, but put in outstanding performances compared to their peers.

Fantastic effort everyone!!

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