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Ken's Hook

Ken's Hook before demolition Ken's Hook reinstated in the new change rooms.

Male Mannas are a tight knit group such that, normally, what happens in the men's change rooms stays in the men's change rooms. However, we do make exceptions to the rule and the story of Ken's Hook is one of those.

In the old Doddi's men's change rooms, our dear friend Ken decided to augment the minimal quantity of hooks with a hook of his own. In doing so, he also established a legally enforceable, but unwritten right of ownership and priority use over the hook. Upon Ken's arrival in the change room after a swim, God help any newbie member who was caught unlawfully using Ken's Hook (I speak from experience!).

Fortunately, during demolition of the old Doddi's change rooms, a sharp eyed Graeme spotted and salvaged Ken's Hook from among the debris. With hook in hand, a plan was hatched to reinstate Ken's Hook to its rightful position in the then soon to be built new change rooms. Well that plan has now come to fruition, with Ken's Hook being mounted most appropriately in the new men's change rooms.

Warning - now Ken is in direct contact and no doubt has some influence, God will not be of any help to anyone caught unlawfully using Ken's Hook!

Well done Graeme!

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