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Relay Funday

Thank you to everyone who participated in today's Relay Funday, as well as those who volunteered to help, and a special thanks to Capt Jen for organising a great day.

Fourteen finely tuned athletes assembled on pool deck and were divided into two crack(ed) teams, each at one end of the pool. There were four events in all:

  • Beach bag and contents Relay

  • Wet T-shirt Relay

  • 5 Ball Relay

  • Tandem Swimmers Relay

The Beach Bag relay involved unpacking the contents of the Beach Bag at one end of the pool and individual team members swimming one of contents of the Beach Bag and the Beach Bag up to the 25 m ladders and depositing them on the pool deck. The Beach Bag contained: a towel, hat, a pair of thongs, pull buoy, sunglasses and snorkel.

The Wet T-shirt relay, as the photos show, required a team member to don the T-shirt, dive in the pool, swim 25 m, get out the pool, take off the T-shirt and for the next team member to repeat the process. Some of the ladies were outstanding at stripping, but quiet slow dressing!

The 5 Ball Relay involved swimming 25 m with 5 golf balls on board and then passing them to the next team member. One team stuffed the balls in their bathers, while the other team converted a swim cap into a ball bag, which streamlined their change overs.

The Tandem Swimmers Relay saw two swimmers sprinting up the 25m while maintaining contact with each other at all times. There were many techniques adopted with varying degrees of success.

Everyone had a lot fun, despite a lot of cheating. Coffee, cake and a chat rounded out a great morning.

Thanks and well done Captain Jen!

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