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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 8

Everyone was up early for breakfast and boarding Mowgli before the scheduled 8:30am departure. It was a cooler morning with some mist in the air. All in all, the weather is pretty much the same everyday. The temperature varies from about 21C in the morning to 31C at lunchtime with light winds in the morning freshening in the afternoon. Sea temperature is about 25 to 27C, so no one needs a wetsuit.

Our first swim was at the famous cave of Papanikolis on Meganisi. We all jumped in and swam over to explore the cave. The water in the cave was slightly cooler, but the most magnificent deep blue colour. Back on board for a short motor along the Meganisi shoreline to the start of today's first long swim. The swim was approx 2.9km exploring the southern rocky shore and small caves only accessible by sea before a short crossing to the small island of Kithros.

Yellow group were first away followed shortly thereafter by Orange with Pink bringing up the rear. The swim was amazing, although there is not a lot of sea life, crystal clear waters that become deep blue as the bottom falls away makes swimming a sheer joy. The pace in each group is relaxed. Groups periodically stop to let anyone who may have fallen behind catch up. The pace of the Pink group is a little slow for Erica but she compensates by zig zagging behind the group herding any stragglers back to the fold. Tomorrow she has permission to roar up and down between the groups at her own blistering pace.

Sea conditions were perfect and glassy. You know that amazing feeling when you create V shaped ripples as each stroke pierces the surface without a splash as you glide effortless forward. Swimming at an easy pace also allows you to relax and focus on technique. Barb would be pleased with smooth swimming, especially Deb who has mastered an excellent body roll.

Pink group reached Kithros first followed by Orange and then the amazing Yellow girls. The thrill of completing such a challenging swim was obvious from the beaming smiles on everyone's faces and high fives all round.

We then motored to the Island of Kalamos for lunch at a beachside taverna, no a taverna on the beach would be a more accurate description. This was the first time the BigBlueSwim team had tried this establishment, the food was excellent and the location in the the quiet bay was straight out of travel brochure. It got a big tick from our group.

We all have been taking lots of photos doing our best to take artistic shots. Like the one of the girls in their bathers through a port hole on Mowgli, which Jenny was so keen to be in she ripped her dress off forgetting she didn't have any bathers on!

The afternoon swim was a 1.8km swim along the shoreline of the island of Kalamos finishing at a beach where we posed for photos for the 2018 Masters Nationals website - beat that Claremont! This was another amazing swim alongside limestone cliffs with trees growing out of the rock. Instead of it being a struggle to back up with another swim on the same day, arguably nearly everyone swam better.

It was a long steam home, with many eyes closing for a snooze. Once home it was back to rooms for a shower then down for nibbles, generously provided by Wayne and Glenda, and drinks of course. We also got the results of our video analysis from Avinos one our swim guides from BigBlueSwim. He called us over one by one to go through the video. He knew his shit and his suggestions were spot on and well received by everyone. Now we all have something to work on during tomorrow's swim.

A quick bite to eat and early night followed. The exertion of swimming twice a day has started taking its toll on the party energy - for the moment. Tomorrow night is Greek night at the hotel and I am expecting it to be a big one for the Greek Swim Team!

Greek Swim Team

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