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Choose either a Coffee with a Swim or a Coffee with a Walk?

As winter approaches, the thought of swimming in cold and sometimes rough conditions sees a general decline in the number of swimmers at Doddi's. For those who would still like to enjoy sharing a coffee but not a swim, it has been suggested that meeting at the usual time and joining a group going for a brisk walk instead of swim might be fun. This may also suit those of us with a doctor's certificate excusing them from swimming. Moreover, it has been suggested that this should be open to partners and friends, who are not swimmers but would like to share in the fun.

There seems a general consensus that this idea has merit. On the basis that the walk is on land, your Club Committee has given the idea it's tick of approval. Those who wish to walk on water do so at their own risk. The Committee does acknowledge the added responsibility for the Spotter, who now must have eyes in the back of his/her head to keep a track of both groups.

So as not to be seen to favour one group over the other, the usual safety requirements must be met for both swimmers and walkers; thus, bathers are optional, but of course the customary bright coloured swim caps must be worn!

Anyone who like to be part of the inaugural "Doddi's Dawdle", see you at the beach at the usual time 8:00am or 8:30am whichever it is???

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