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Christmas in July!

Lock in the 15th of July to enjoy the very popular traditional Christmas lunch at the Ye Olde Quindanning Inne, which is located on the Pinjarra-Williams Road a relaxing hour and half drive from Mandruah through beautiful country side.

Ye Olde Quindanning Inne was first established 100 years ago, and since the current building was built in 1921, Quindanning has been a popular destination for honeymooners and for those who want to get away from it all. With its generous use of jarrah panelling, open fires, quiet location, large gardens and long verandahs, Ye Olde Quindanning Inne is ideal for a weekend getaway.

The cost is $40.00 per head which comprises a 3 course Christmas dinner (Soup, Roast Ham & Turkey with veges, Plum Pudding with custard) with freshly baked bread, tea and coffee and a complimentary glass of hot mulled wine. All trimmings are supplied ie bon-bons, Christmas Tree etc

All those interested please contact Ken or Glenda ASAP as it will be necessary to book the Hotel early and organise transport to and fro.

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