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April Birthdays!

This month we have seven Mannas celebrating their birthdays, three Aries and four Taurus. We encourage you all to:

"Please keep calm and don't be alarmed!"

Aries: 21 March – 19 April

People born under aries are go-getters; they like to plunge right in. You'll be the one thrashing up the pool with great vigour, determined to reach the end, but with zero style or consideration for others. I hate to be the one to tell you, aries, but you are very annoying in a communal pool.

Taurus: 20 April – 20 May

Ever seen a bull swim? No of course not. They probably could swim, if caught in a flooded field, but it won't be graceful. They like things very ordered – pools with strict lane discipline are their preferred setting. But they're solid and a bit lazy. You won't find many taureans in a pool. Who wants to swim with a bull anyway?

Go-getters celebrating birthdays this month are: Anwar on the 1st, when he will be getting ready to break some new state records at out pool meet; Greg on the 3rd, who will be recovering from setting yet another bout of PB's at our pool meet; and Tess on the 13th, wishing she could join Anwar and Greg.

Charging Bulls celebrating birthdays this month, include: Pete "Golden Goggles" King on the 20th, no doubt already training for this year's Doddi's Dash; Hazel on the 22nd, on a come back after smashing out a Rotto Duo; Helen 3K on the 23rd, still working out how to avoid going back to work; and Ken Phillips on the 29th is sure bake his own cake and bring down to Doddi's (hopefully, with one of his best reds!)

Happy birthday to one and all!!

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