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Swimming has important benefits for health

In an article by Carol Maher and Tim Olds from the University of South Australia they highlight how moderate and vigorous physical activities have important benefits for health that arise by stressing the heart system, and therefore stimulating it to adapt. In addition, physical activities contribute to weight control through burning calories, improve mood through the release of endorphins, and benefit metabolic health (warding off diseases such as diabetes and cancer) by altering hormonal, inflammatory and immune responses. Click Here to read more.

These are some of the benefits that arise from swimming with us on Tuesday and Thursday nights or at Doddi's or doing a timed swim on Sundary morning. Importantly, these swims are not just for those with goals to compete in events, but should be thought of as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. As stated in the article, "Being around others who exercise is proven to increase people's motivation to continue with their own exercise plans."

Remember our motto is "Fitness, Friendship and Fun".

See you at the pool and/or beach!

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