Mandurah Masters Christmas Party

Mandurah Masters held our 2016 Christmas Party last Sunday night at the Southern Estuary Hall, with over 50 Mannas and their partners attending. If you couldn't make it, as the photos show, you missed a great night.

The day started with decorating the hall. Wayne and his team of helpers (Sue Mc, Deb Brown, Colleen, and Ann) assembled at 9:00am to transform an empty hall into a Christmas Wonderland. Once decorating was complete, we all agreed to meet back at the hall at 3:30pm to open up before everyone arrived at 4:00pm.

Having waited in the carpark since 3:30pm for someone with a key to turn up, we were shocked to see Deb Brown's van come screaming around the corner on two wheels. The side door slid open and out popped Deb and Sue (wine glasses in hand). Both had been lead astray at a "pre-party" at Wayne's place.