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Mandurah Masters Christmas Party

Mandurah Masters held our 2016 Christmas Party last Sunday night at the Southern Estuary Hall, with over 50 Mannas and their partners attending. If you couldn't make it, as the photos show, you missed a great night.

The day started with decorating the hall. Wayne and his team of helpers (Sue Mc, Deb Brown, Colleen, and Ann) assembled at 9:00am to transform an empty hall into a Christmas Wonderland. Once decorating was complete, we all agreed to meet back at the hall at 3:30pm to open up before everyone arrived at 4:00pm.

Having waited in the carpark since 3:30pm for someone with a key to turn up, we were shocked to see Deb Brown's van come screaming around the corner on two wheels. The side door slid open and out popped Deb and Sue (wine glasses in hand). Both had been lead astray at a "pre-party" at Wayne's place.

Guest's arrived and Red and Green Mannas mingled merrily! Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles were held out on the verandah, partly for the vista and partly to escape Pres. Steve's loud music. The first event of the night was a Santa Clause Pinata. Mannas took turns in attempting to knock the "lollies" out of a paper mache Santa. First his head was knocked off, then his legs. Hazel's softball prowess came to the fore when she knocked the stuffing out of the torso. The club came within a whisper of making its first insurance claim, when Ann narrowly missed knocking the stuffing out of Lyn.

Despite Pres. Steve's premature announcement and a few false starts, a sumptuous dinner followed with everyone following Wayne's strict instruction to migrate in a clockwise direction around the buffet.

One of the highlights of the night was Pres. Steve's Christmas Carol. He sang "Silent Night" with new lyrics that captured the character and highlights of a great year for the club and its members. Well done Steve!

Secret Santa was held between main course and dessert. After collecting a present from under the tree, everyone assembled in a large circle to play pass-the-parcel in an "anticlockwise" direction before finally being able unwrap their gift. It was clear that all the Opp shops around Mandurah had been stripped clean of all items under $5. It was an eclectic collection of gifts that no doubt will all go straight to Pool Room, especially the framed photo of Deb Bloor that "someone" had generously given.

Dessert followed straight after the Secret Santa. Like the main course, the selection of desserts was first class - thank you to everyone for contributing to the meal. Again Mannas moved in an orderly fashion around the buffet in a clockwise direction, except for Captain Mike who was quick off the blocks and swam against the current in an anti-clockwise direction to gain an advantage over the rest of the competitors.

Tables and chairs were cleared and the frivolity, singing and dancing commenced. Pres. Steve leading from the front in a multifaceted role as Compere/DJ/Lead Dancer/Karaoke Master. No one escaped a turn with the microphone to belt out one of the many classics from the 60's and 70's. The general consensus from the "wall flowers" observing from the wings is that most Mannas swim better than they dance and sing!

Thank you to everyone for making the night such a success! A special thank you to Wayne and the social committee for all their hard work and hard drinking!

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