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Mandurah Masters 1500m Swim Day

This morning Mandurah Masters held a timed 1500m swim event, followed by a morning tea.

It was great to see so many members tackling a timed 1500m swim. After the swims, Coach John provided swimmers with an insightful statistical analysis of their lap times based on a random selection algorithm that no one but John understood, so not surprisingly his analysis proved he had the smallest standard deviation, which was confirmed by Helen.

Other highlights were another PB by Greg, President Steve beating his target time of less than twice the world record time, Colleen's continuing improvement, Joel catching up on some sleep during his swim, and a fastest time by Coach John, which demonstrates he does know what he is talking about. If only we would listen!

A special thanks to Ken for organising today's event and all the volunteer timekeepers.

Let's all get behind Sunday morning swims! See you at the Pool!

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