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2016/17 MSWA OWS - New Points Scoring System

The MSWA OWS Sub-committee has developed a new points scoring system for the 2016/17 OWS events.

There are 9 MSWA points scoring swims over the summer, including 3 Swimming WA swims, Click Here to see the 2016/17 MSWA OWS Calendar.

Events are categorised as "A", "B" or "C" events.

"A" Event - Only 1 event being 2.5km LL State Championship Swim at the Freo Ports Swim Thru

"B" Event - All other swims over 1.5km (13 swims options at 8 locations)

"C" Event - Swims from 750m to 1.5km (8 swims options at 7 locations)

For each swim, points are awarded in each Age Group based on whether it is a A, B or C event in accordance with the Tables above.

2016/17 Age Groups will be based on your age on the day of the race.

Click here to here to view Nick Wyatt's presentation from the last Council of Club's meeting on the 2016/17 MSWA OWS Calendar and Points System.

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