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Useful information from "Eat and drink your way to Rottnest" Presentation

City of Perth ran their very popular "Eat and drink your way to Rottnest" on Tuesday 15 November from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Department of Sport & Recreation.

On behalf of the Mandurah Mannas who attended, we would like to thank Jon Haines and the other speakers for the invaluable information they shared with everyone who attended.

Jon has also generously given us permission to post on our web site some of the information handed out on the night.

Click Here to view an example of a "Rotto Swim Contact List and Race Day Timeline" that Jon has used. Also,

Click Here to view an example of a "Rotto Swim Drink Stop Schedule" that Jon has used.

Links to both of these documents is available on our Rottnest Channel Swim page.

Additional information on "Eating for Healthy Adults" can be found if you Click Here.

Click Here to view a "Guide for Healthy Eating".

Both of these links have been added to our Links page.

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