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Mandurah Masters 1500m Swim Day

Following on from the success of the Open Water Swimming Workshop, Mandurah Masters will be holding a 1500m swim day on Sunday morning 4 December from 8:30am to 10:00am, followed by morning tea (please bring a plate to share).

The purpose of this exciting event is to reinvigorate Sunday morning swims and give those entering some of the upcoming Open Water Swims an opportunity to see how close they can come to breaking Sun Yang's world record of 14:31.02, Katie Ledecky's world record of 15:25.48 or just the Club Age Group Record (Click Here), score Vorgee Endurance Points, test their fitness level, and measure swim consistency (as 100m splits will be measured). For some of us, just completing a 1500m swim non-stop is a great goal to take on board!

Extra lanes have been booked to allow for the influx of swimmers expected for this event. Swimmers are not restricted to freestyle and may swim the stroke of their choice.

Let's all get behind our Sunday morning swims! See you at the Pool!

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